May Health Tip: Lifting and Dynamic Posture

Health Tip: Lifting and Dynamic posture:

It is well documented that we should avoid lifting with a forward bent back posture, Lifting and carrying loads with an upright or neutral spinal posture has been shown to reduce the risk of people developing back pain of a chronic nature even with repeated lifting however a flexed spinal posture especially when this is of high frequency increases the chance of people developing chronic lower back Pain. (A Holtermann, T Clausen 2012).

Some handy points to remember that can help to prevent injury are listed below. It is important to note individuals that may have pre-existing conditions or injuries can have an increased chance of injury or re-injury.

  • Too heavy or awkward object or on uneven surfaces.

  • Avoid rushing

  • Repeated lifting with a forward bent trunk and especially combining lift and twist movements can lead to increased risk of injury as this places more pressure on smaller spinal muscles as well as joints and ligaments.

  • Repeated lifting in general creates fatigue in our muscles which makes them less efficient, it is important to rest if fatigued or use equipment or have others to help out.

  • Avoid lifting when not warmed up where possible, example sitting down for a prolonged period then immediately getting up to lift or move an abject.

  • The further that you reach forward with you arms while holding an object the more forces on the spine increase and the back muscles. Keep the object that is being lifted close to your body.

  • It is important that the legs are being used, to start with have feet even and hip width apart, bend down at the hips and knees to the object without stooping with the upper back, this can help to maintain a neutral spine, when lifting we should straighten our knees and hips and the shoulders should be back. More large muscle groups should now be being used as opposed to only the little ones running up your spine.

Author: Mark Kelly

Registered Myotherapist and Fitness Professional


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