Personal Training

Face to face and online consultations available.

Physical Therapy

Personal Training

Move Myotherapy & Training provides one on one and two on one personal training sessions at our rehab studio located at Japser Health. Individualised training to assist clients reach health goals. Its not just about exercise it’s about lifestyle.

Livestream Online Group Exercise:

Please note we are not currently taking online bookings for online sessions, please contact us should regarding enquiry's about online training. 

We provide online training consultations via Zoom in the comfort of you own home.


Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Move Myotherapy & Training Provides Livestream Online Group Exercise.

Participants can sign up to our members page where they can get access to our Live online Exercise Program. Once signed up participants can book in and pay for sessions via our online booking platform.

All new participants are required to complete the Move Myotherapy & Training Health Appraisal and Adult Pre Exercise-Screening document that we will send to clients who sign up as new members.  Once we receive a members enrolment documents they will be approved and can then proceed to book into sessions of their choice

1.1 Move Myotherapy &Training will provide participants with guided Face to Face or Online Personal Training. Heath advice and coaching.    

1.2 Move Muscle Training will work with participants and provide them with a plan to ensure that training is specific to individual goals.  

1.3 Move Myotherapy &Training provide participants with an initial Health Appraisal

1.4 Move Myotherapy &Training will provide participants with 6-8 week review Health Appraisals. 

1.5 Move Myotherapy & Training will work with participants to ensure sessions are appropriate and enjoyable. 

1.6 Participants may attend any session of their interest per week under trainer advice. To attend sessions participants can book in via website as directed. There is a timetable available to view on our website for session times or please contact us by phone 0412 118 380 or email: For manual bookings.

1.7 Move Muscle Training encourages participants to book set session times per week however, this is not mandatory and changes can be made online or by contacting us. This allows Move Muscle Training to send email or sms class links in a timely and efficient manner.   

1.8 There is some exercise equipment recommended Primarily  Dumbells / hand weights, exercise Mat)  however participants are still welcome to book in if they don't have any equipment.  Also if participants do have other forms of equipment the trainer can adapt the exercise to suit. If participants would like to purchase equipment they are encouraged to contact us and we can provide assistance.

1.9Prior to starting the first session participants must complete an adult pre-screening document that  Move Muscle Training provides. If participants experience any future health related changes they will need to inform us of these as soon as possible. We will communicate with participants regularly about their health. A new pre-screening form may need to be filled out again prior to commencing sessions to ensure safety.

1.10Payment for live online Personal Training in a group setting through Move Muscle Training will be required prior to each session booking via our online booking. Transactions will be withdrawn from the nominated Financial Institution via (credit card, bank account etc) and PayPal. Prices for Live Stream Sessions are displayed on our online booking Page. 

1.11  There may be a delay in a participants ability to initially participate in sessions, depending on the

information we require about the current and previous health status of the participant. And how this could affect participation in physical activity safely. We will confirm approval as soon as possible, this is to ensure participant safety.

 1.12 Memberships and the program may be subject to changes, members will be informed of any changes in a timely manner prior to them occurring.

1.13 The timetable may be subject to change we will notify participants prior to any changes made. If classes must be cancelled participants will be notified as early as possible, we will endeavor to re-place these with supplementary classes at another time. A refund can be applied if the classes can run.

1.14Move Muscle Training upholds anti-discrimination laws as set by the Australian Human Rights


1.15 Muscle Training will treat personal information as private and confidential in association with the (Privacy Act 1988).

1.16 participants may contact us regarding Grievances and Appeals.   

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