Sports Injury

MAA Registered Myotherapist
 & Fitness Professional

A,D Myo, D, Rem Mass, Cert IV Fitness, Cert IV TAE

Move Myotherapy & Training adopts a holistic approach in the management of various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Our primary focus is soft tissue therapy and corrective exercise to address postural abnormalities and or muscle dysfunction. We aim to work in collaboration with other health professionals to best manage patients needs, with evidence based patient focused practice. Health fund and approved Work Cover rebates available. Move Myotherapy & Training also provides Remedial Massage consultations. For more information on what  Myotherapy consultations consist of click the consultation button.  

Covid-19: There are changes that have been made in relation to physical distancing and the accepted treatment settings to meet current Government guidelines. We will continue to update our policies as things progress. Please contact us for enquiries. All clientele will be asked health screening questions prior to attending consultations. 


Please see the following important information out of lockdown Face to face Clinical Myotherapy consultations are available now! Contact us to book an appointment or enquire.


Bookings can be made via Jasper Health reception or Online).   







When should I see a Myotherapist?

Most people seek Myotherapy treatment when suffering from pain or restricted movement though many receive treatment to prevent injury.


Do I need a referral to see a Myotherapist?

A referral letter is not necessary to see a Myotherapist unless you are a WorkCover or TAC patient in which case you do require a referral.


Move Myotherapy & Training also provides Personal Training and Mat Pilates at Jasper Health by appointment only.






















Mark is an experienced MAA registered Myotherapist and has been practicing since 2009. Mark's focus is to guide clients through evidence-based treatment and management strategies at the highest standard of care. Mark adopts a wholistic approach and encourages multidisciplinary care.  Mark enjoys a good rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds and adopts an empathetic approach. Mark has lectured at RMIT University training future Myotherapists. He is experienced in providing treatment for injury prevention, general wellbeing and fitness maintenance, and treatment during injury and rehabilitation.  Having been a competitive cyclist Mark understands the importance of balancing training and recovery to prevent injury. Mark has worked with a range of sporting clubs including the Australian Squash Team, Springvale Districts Football Club, as wells as swimmers, runners, triathletes and cyclists. He also treats approved workover patients. He is also an AUSrep Personal Trainer

Mark Kelly 
MAA Registered Myotherapist
Registered Fitness Professional
A,D Myo, D, Rem Mas, C IV Fitness, Cert IV TAE
Soft Tissue Therapy (STT)


Covers a range of different treatment modalities used by a Myotherapist with the aim of treating muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Promotes mobility of stiff, immobile soft tissues and aids to promote circulation due to inactivity or increased tension. STT can also be  used to help mobilise scar tissue, thereby preventing recurrence of injury or inflammation.

Myofascial Dry Needling (MDN)

Use of solid needles  for the specific purpose of treating pain and dysfunction in the body’s myofascial system. MDN is based on Western medicines  anatomical and neurophysiological principles, with a central focus on treating Myofascial Trigger points located within the muscular and fascial systems of the body . It is a scientifically valid clinical treatment method.

Corrective Exercise and Advice

Rehabilitative exercises prescribed to correct postural abnormalities and or muscle dysfunction. Myotherapists will provide patients with advice on injury prevention, and how they can improve their current condition to promote good health. 



Community announcement:

We are committed to following current and future Government guidelines regarding health and safety and Coronavirus. We hope you are well, remember to check in on friends and family.

Please see the following important information.


Online Myotherapy consultations


Telehealth Consultations:

These would be run in the same manner as face to face consultations via Zoom conferencing or phone. All aspects of a patient management plan are the same whether it is health advice and assistance with pain management or correct exercise rehabilitation we also teach clients how to apply self manual therapy techniques. Consultations will be limited to standard appointment approximately 30 minutes. 



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